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Get Started as a Partner Agency



If you would like to become a Partner Agency, please review our list of criteria below.  If your agency meets our minimum requirements listed below please download our Partner Agency Handbook at the bottom of the page. After reviewing the handbook, continue to our online application below. 


Criteria for Selection of New Partner Agencies


The Diaper Bank of North Georgia does NOT provide free diapers to every organization in need. Selection criteria have been chosen to establish a truly collaborative and long-term relationship. The following are minimum criteria:

  • 501(C)(3) status as defined by the IRS, Government Agency, or Religious Organization

  • In good standing with national affiliates or parent organization (if applicable.)

  • 80% of clients anticipated to receive diapers fall below the federal poverty guideline.

  • Demographically reflective of the community.

  • High quality of casework.

  • Excellent community reputation.

  • Agency limits duplication of services.

  • Agency’s anticipated request does not exceed the Diaper Bank’s ability to meet a community-wide need. 

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